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Membership Registration

Thank you for contacting Big Cat Trust.  The purpose of Big Cat Trust is to allow sanctuaries and their partners to openly share information with one another.  To ensure that organizations have control over their own information, we ask that the Executive Director, CEO, or equivalent  of the organization seek institutional membership first and then specify which of their staff or volunteers are authorized to join. Each organization is responsible for ensuring that the staff and volunteers from their organization that participate in Big Cat Trust are prepared to handle the responsibility of sharing what may be sensitive information.  It is the responsibility of each organization to notify Big Cat Trust when staff or volunteers are no longer with the organization and should be removed from the group.

If you are interested in establishing an institutional membership or adding staff/volunteer authorizations to join Big Cat Trust, please fill out an Institutional Membership Form here.

If you are a volunteer or staff member with permission to join, fill out an Individual Membership Form here.  

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